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1. (EPM)
Q: What exactly is TOP
A: It is an Internet platform on which online stores, sports betting, entertainment games, casino games for fun, and (for users in countries where it is legal) casino games for real money are provided. The offer varies constantly. A great online store and entertainment center.
Q: Who is the owner and operator of this platform? TOP
A: Owner and operator is the Spanish company IFS (Internet Finance ServiceSL). IFS operates the stores, all other offers are mediated to third parties. EPM only takes over deposits and withdrawals as well as the support for the third parties.
Q: Who is responsible for customer and user contact? TOP
A: The UGL ("Group of Companies Lindenau") has acquired the worldwide marketing and support. Available at
Q: What is legal situation and who is/are license holders? TOP
A: For stores, deposits and withdrawals and negotiation with third parties, IFS has the licenses. For the offers of third parties, they have the licenses and are liable. EACH USER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW IN HIS OWN COUNTRY.
Q: Yes, but what is the legal situation in Austria? TOP
A: As mentioned, for the shops IFS has the business license, so no problem. Sports betting is conveyed to an austrian licensed bookmaker, also no problem. The situation when gambling online is not clear; (as of 04/19/2011) as casino licenses were not allocated EU-compliant. (Engelmann Judgement). IN ANY CASE YOU MAY PLAY ALL CASINO GAMES IN DEMO MODE!
Q: Can "everyone" use the services of EPM? TOP
A: Basically, yes. Every intended user has to register for free and comply with the legal regulations. EPM reserves the right, at any time and without the need for justification, to close existing accounts and deny users the usage of the site.
Q: How can I sign up? TOP
A: Click the "SIGN UP" button and fill out the form. ALL FREE.
Q: Which fields MUST BE filled out? TOP
The red marked fields "Username", "Password" and "Confirm Password", and the last field have to be filled out. Either Green marked fields "Email" and "Confirm email" or "Mobile Phone" and "Confirm Mobile Phone" are required. This is because the activation code is sent either via email or SMS. The fields "First name ", "Last name" etc. do not have to be filled. IFS, however, reserves the right to demand legitimation in their desired form. For example: copy of passport, proof of registration, bank details etc. In the green marked field "VIP code" (formerly Affiliate Code) it is recommended to enter a VIP code.
Q: Why should I enter a V.I.P. code? TOP
A: When you sign up with a VIP code, you are a V.I.P. client-candidate. As V.I.P. client, you enjoy many advantages. (See 4. VIP clients)
Q: How do I get a V.I.P. code? TOP
A: From a V.I.P. customers. On flyers and announcer are also very often mentioned V.I.P. codes.
Q: I signed up. What's next? TOP
Now you have opened an EPM account and can use the entire range of EPM and third parties. For some offers, you still need to download and install special software, such as: "Golden Star Casino " or " Ace & Jack ". The download links are available on EPM. If you require username and password for these third-party software, use the same one you have on EPM.
Q: Why do I need to download additional software? TOP
A: EPM attaches great importance to the best possible functionality. Such special software usually works on ALL computers and even poor Internet connections, better than Flash or Java-based programs. Try it out.
Q: Could I get a virus? TOP
A: Each on EPM offered software was intensively checked by our specialists for viruses, functionality and performance.
Q: How can I make a deposit to my EPM-Account? TOP
A: Log in with your user name and password, click on "Cashier" and get one of our deposit options under "Deposit money". The credit will appear immediately below the words "Basic Account". For deposits with SBC see 5th Secure Bonus Card.
Q: How can I get my balance paid off? TOP
A: Click on "Cashier" and get one of the available payout options under "Withdraw Money". For payments with SBC see 5th Secure Bonus Card.
Q: What does the button "Secure Bonus Card" on the homepage? TOP
A: This is a quick link to make deposits and withdrawals with "SBC (Secure Bonus Card)".
2. Golden Star Casino
Q: I have downloaded and installed the "Golden Star Casino" software. How do I start this casino? TOP
If you have installed the software with "default" parameters, it has created an icon on your desktop. Double-click it. On the first game start the resources are loaded. This can take some time, depending on your internet connection.
Q: What does the login window? TOP
Homepage: This is a link back to ""
Username/Password: Same as EPM login.
Remember Password: If this box is checked, it saves your password.
Book to your machine: Here you can choose how much credit you want to take from your EPM Basic Account to the Golden Star Casino.
Further bookings with "Account" in game: In the casino itself, you can book further to and from your Basic account.
Cancel: With this button you can cancel the operation.
Ok: After pressing this button, you "Join" the casino.
Use full screen mode: When enabling this option, your casino will open in full screen mode
Demo: Here you can test your Golden Star Casino in demo mode for free.
Q: What can I do on the Golden Star Casino Mainsite? TOP

You can choose and start any game you want. At the first start of each game, the resources are loaded. This can take some time, depending on your internet connection. With the "Settings" button (top right), you can change personal settings, such as language. Down on the left side there is your "Credit" with your current balance. With the "Money" button (bottom left) you can deposit or withdraw money from/to your EPM basic account without leaving the Golden Star Casino. With the exit button (bottom right), you can close the casino.
Account = EPM Basic Account.
Credit = Money in the Golden Star Casino.

TIP! Golden Star Casino can run on your computer twice. The Credits are managed separately.

TIP! On close your credit is automatically booked back to your EPM Basic Account.

3. Ace & Jack Casino
Q: I have downloaded and installed the "Ace & Jack" software. How do I start this casino? TOP
After installing a desktop shortcut was created automatically. Double-click on this will start the Ace & Jack Live Casino.
Q: What should I fill out in the registration window? TOP
Username/Password: Same as EPM login.
Amount: Here you can enter how much money you want to book from your EPM Basic Account to the casino. If you enter no value, automatically your entire balance will be charged.
Enter: You "enter" the Live Casino.
Q: What can I do on the Ace & Jack Casino Mainsite? TOP

You can choose between Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Slots and Table Games. My Balance (down left) shows your balance at this casino. With the "Options"button you can view statistics about your games. The "Cashier" button connects you to the homepage of Using the "transfer credits" button, you can deposit or withdraw money from/to your EPM Basic Account.
Q: What happens after pressing the "transfer credits" button? TOP
The "Cash in/out" window opens.
Remaining balance (red): Remaining funds in the Ace & Jack Casino after the withdraw action.
Remaining balance (green): Remaining funds in the Ace & Jack Casino after the deposit action.
Deposit: This button will transfer funds from your EPM Basic Account to Ace & Jack Casino.
Withdraw: This button will transfer funds from Ace & Jack Casino to your EPM Basic Account.
Amount: Desired amount
Ok: Confirm booking
Cancel: Cancel booking

TIP! The Ace & Jack Casino can run parallel to the Golden Star Casino. Their funds are managed separately.

TIP!When you close the casino your credit is automatically booked back to your EPM Basic Account.

4. V.I.P. Clients
Q: How do I become V.I.P.? TOP
A: You will become V.I.P. client, if EPM had made a certain total revenue. It works like a loyalty bonus. If you have registered yourself with a V.I.P. Code, you will automatically pushed forward and become a V.I.P faster.
Q: What are the benefits I have as V.I.P.? TOP
A: As a VIP, your concerns and bookings will be processed with highest priority, mainly automated. Many actions are only valid for V.I.Ps. And the biggest advantage, as V.I.P. you will get 10 V.I.P. codes. These codes you can give to anyone who wants to register at EPM. People registering with one of these codes are then "YOUR CUSTOMERS". There is no limit of customers which can register with one code. You will get percentages of total revenues of these people.

Acquire new customers for EPM and earn money with them.

Q: How do I get my percentage? TOP
A: They were booked to your EPM account.
Q: How these commissions have to be treated for tax purposes? TOP
A: IFS pays gross for net to the EPM account. The beneficiaries of the account is responsible for tax treatment in his country.
Q: Why do I get 10 V.I.P. Codes? TOP
A: For example you could give one of your V.I.P. Code to another person who acquires new customers. You will then know who has brought you new customers and could thank that person.
Q: How do I know, if someone has registered with my V.I.P. Code? TOP
A: On the EPM website under V.I.P. Clients you will find, current statistics when you are logged in(under construction 5/17/2011).
Q: How do I know if I am V.I.P. already? TOP
A: As described above, or contact:
Q: How can I attract new customers? TOP
A: 1. Through personal contact. Show your friends and family the homepage.
2. By e-mail. Send your friends e-mails with the link to and tell them your VIP Code.
3. Print flyers with the URL: and your VIP Code (for templates, visit the EPM website under VIP Clients (under construction)) and distribute, and / or ship them.
4. By a link. Place a link on your homepage to Your VIP Code is entered automatically. Therefor contact our to support.
5. a.) We set up a separate page with a sub-domain, eg:
One-time costs: (as of 04/20/2011) = € 100, --. This page is designed by us (see below), you have the option to change text.

5. b.) We set up a page as a subdomain the page
E.g. One-time costs: (as of 04/20/2011) = € 50, --. The design and look of the site are the same as described in Section 5.a.

There are no limits to your ideas.

5. Securebonuscard (SBC) TOP
Q: What is a Secure Bonus Card SBC? TOP
A: SBC is an electronic voucher which can be used to pay on Internet and in stores. Wherever you see this sign.
Q: Where can I get SBC-vouchers? TOP
A: On the website of SBC; You can make a withdraw at EPM paid out as SBC; You can, for example, let send yourself a SBC from a friend by SMS or e-mail. You will find SBC contact addresses of private individuals on the website, wich will send you SBC-vouchers(under construction). You will receive SBC-vouchers worldwide in all shops where you see this sign.
Q: Now I have an SBC-voucher and find on the internet and the shops nothing suitable. What can I do with my SBC-voucher? TOP
A: All Shops (Internet and land-based) that sell SBC vouchers must also take back SBC vouchers. No matter from where the SBC-voucher comes. You can distribute the SBC-voucher privately to any person. This is especially handy via SMS or e-mail.
For further questions, please feel free to contact our 24 hour support: TOP

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